Safety Commitment

Like other businesses, Management and Engineering Services is keenly focused on the health and safety of its workers. Over the years, our efforts to monitor and improve safety have included the following:

  • In 2009, we created SMS – our advanced Safety Management System software, based on the international standard OHSAS 18001. For over ten years now, this system has served as the locus for tracking, analyzing, and reporting all of our safety performance data.
  • As part of our Safety Management Program, MES conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of all of the hazards that were present in our workplace. Engineered and written operational controls were developed and implemented to address each identified hazard.
  • MES has developed, and put in place, emergency procedures for threats of violence, severe weather, fire, and medical emergencies. All employees have received training on our Safety Program, and emergency drills are performed on a regular basis.
  • MES has identified all hazardous chemicals in use throughout our business, and we maintain Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all such materials, in a central location, for use as a reference by our employees.
  • MES has implemented a rigorous lockout-tagout program to ensure that those working on our energized systems are not exposed to risk of electrocution.

Through our rigorous Safety Program, and use of our Safety Management System software, MES has maintained a safe workplace for over 30 years without a major incident.

White Flags 45001

Our Safety Policy

Management and Engineering Services, LLC is committed to being a leader in all activities within our community, as well as in providing products and services to our clients, regardless of where they may be located and the types of products and services provided. Our commitment goes beyond compliance and is based on a holistic approach to safety and the use of emerging technologies wherever practical. We are fully committed to ensuring that we are completely aware of and properly respond to our safety obligations. To achieve our safety goals, we have implemented and will sustain a safety management system based on the international standard ISO 45001.

Our Safety Policy is a critical element of our safety management system and will be used to make decisions at all levels. Our policy will be made available to all employees, consultants, service providers, and the general public. It will be addressed in employee orientations and refresher trainings. Through our safety management system and our employees and consultants, we are committed to continual improvement of our safety management system, participation and consultation from employees, the protection of our employees and visitors, and an awareness of all regulatory obligations. This policy replaces all prior safety policies as of the date of approval. We will review this policy at least annually and more often as may be necessary to ensure it is current and accurate.