Marina Environmental Program Support

“Having worked with many organizations in twenty years in the marine and hospitality industries, I recognize the difference between those companies that simply fulfill contractual obligations and those that commit themselves to working with their customers to meet shared goals. These skills, leadership, and assistance from your team of professionals at Management and Engineering Services proved invaluable… because you worked diligently to achieve goals with us instead of for us.
Black Canyon/Willow Beach

Through our management system solutions, Management and Engineering Services has been providing environmental program support to a wide range of industrial, recreational, and federal facilities for over 10 years. In the past five years, an area of concentration has been the development of environmental management system protocols that meet and exceed the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

Management and Engineering Services has worked with marinas of all sizes — some privately owned, some publicly owned, and some on federal lands. An article in Marina Dock Age (November 2009, see inside) is an example of an important success at the Bayport Marina in Minnesota.

As noted in the article, Mr. John Schoppmann is the Executive Vice President for Forever Resorts, LLC, and is responsible for over 20 marinas within national parks, state parks, and others privately owned. With hundreds of slips, many state-of-the-art houseboats, fuel management systems, retail services, and food and beverage services, these marinas represent some of the best in the United States.

Management and Engineering Services has worked with Forever Resorts, LLC, which has successfully received and maintained certification by international registrars, who verify that their environmental management systems meet and exceed all obligations of the international standard ISO 14001.

Through these management systems, Forever Resorts has achieved a near-perfect environmental compliance record, has nearly eliminated all hazardous products except those that are unavoidable such as gasoline, and has brought about major reductions in waste going to landfills as well as great increases in waste being diverted to recycling destinations.

Management and Engineering Services has also worked with Premier Materials Technologies, a small office-based marina sales organization to achieve international certification of their environmental management system based on the international standard ISO 14001.

The successful use of environmental management systems, regardless of an organization’s size, industry, or complexity, is within reach. The tools, materials, and technical assistance we provide are easily affordable and are proven with hundreds of successes across the United States.

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