Compliance Self-Auditing

Through our management system solutions, Management and Engineering Services provides a full range of cloud-based environmental support applications and services to augment your environmental management system and environmental programs.

If you are a client who has implemented an environmental management system based on our facilitation applications, many of these supportive self-auditing features can be fully integrated into your existing processes.

Every facility, whether or not it implements an environmental management system, has certain regulatory obligations based on its operational activities. Not fulfilling these obligations could result in violations and other enforcement actions by your state environmental agency and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We have developed a series of cloud-operated, web-based, environmental support applications that can be used to the extent appropriate based on your operational activities. Maintaining good records, ensuring reports are provided to enforcement agencies, and tracking information within your facility are critical elements of your environmental program.

Examples of these support tools, which are available individually, as a group, stand-alone, or integrated with our environmental management system applications, include:

Management and Engineering Services also provides computer-based, Internet-delivered compliance auditing checklists for local self-audits for facilities wishing to conduct confidential assessment of compliance. Based on a series of specific observational questions, an assessment is made and findings may be initiated.

Findings alone are just part of ensuring compliance with environmental regulations that affect your business — the other piece is what you do with the findings. Our compliance auditing tools also include findings management applications that are automatically set up after each compliance audit. The findings management applications track findings, offer general corrective measure recommendations, require a root cause analysis, and track corrective measures taken, when, and by whom.

Compliance audits are only a snapshot in time, but are extremely important for routinely assessing whether you meet your compliance obligations. Contact Management and Engineering Services for more information and to learn how these applications can be easily integrated into your environmental program.

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