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Enterprise Tools

Management and Engineering Services developed Enterprise (Internet-based) tools over 10 years ago to de­liver critical information and a step-by-step process control strategy. Over the years this program has been expanded in breadth of applications and in depth of detailed features by our in-house technology staff, based on the unique integration of advanced software expertise as well as operational experiences. New applications under development will soon be released for use. We currently offer the following Enterprise tools to clients across the United States:

Management Systems

We offer these either independent of each other or integrated into one powerful set of tools for clients. This includes environmental management systems for standards from ISO 14001 to standards unique to federal government agencies and private company standards. This also includes safety management systems, quality management systems, food safety management systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, findings management systems, and asset management systems. All management systems follow the same fundamental concept of being adapted to the client’s specific operational environment, scaled to the nature of these operations, and ensuring full conformance to the standards, with extensive support tools for nearly every management system obligation for consistency, traceability, and demonstration of success.

Compliance Audits

Using proven self-audit tools, we facilitate compliance auditing in nearly every type of facility, with automated and integrated findings management, report generation, corrective action recommendations, and resolution documentation.

Conformance Auditing

Employing the same techniques used by certified auditors when conducting registration conformance audits, our conformance audit tools are fully integrated with the respective management system tools and allow clients to conduct their own internal conformance audits. As another option, they facilitate third-party conformance audits.

Performance Data Collection

We capture information in order to establish baseline data, track changes due to operational improvements, report performance under various management systems, and facilitate the search for resource conservation improvements.

Chemical Inventory Tracking

As required by OSHA’s Hazard Communication Program, our chemical inventory tracking tool allows clients to document the types of hazardous products used based on Material Safety Data Sheets and the product’s physical and chemical characteristics. This application can generate reports that identify the types of hazardous products in use and their storage requirements. The application can be used to prepare reports that may be required by the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA).

Environmental Benefits to Our Clients

The team at Management and Engineering Services extends its environmental commitment to the services we provide to our clients.

We have assisted over 200 federal facilities and private companies in developing environmental management systems with a 100 percent success rate for those choosing formal certification through an internationally accredited registrar.

We have assisted over 75 federal facilities and private companies to accept the environmental leadership challenge by joining the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track Program.

Producing reports and other documents a major work product we provide for our clients. Since 2007 we have purchased and used over 129,500 sheets (259,000 pages) of 100 percent recycled-content paper, and in most cases, have used soy-based printer cartridges.

We have provided encouragement and technical assistance to our clients to consider state-of-the-art environmental initiatives in their operations. These include reverse vending machines, composting equipment, solar energy devices, new lighting technologies, and energy and water conservation strategies. Some of our hospitality clients now provide zero-waste and carbon neutral operations.

Integrating our environmental commitments into our work products and client initiatives is part of our commitment as an environmental leader. We also seek to provide services beyond the expectations of our clients.