Energy Commitment

Since our earliest beginnings, we here at Management and Engineering Services have sought to minimize our corporate energy footprint. Through the active training and participation of our employees, MES has successfully instilled a culture of energy conservation throughout the company. Over the decades, some of our energy-management initiatives have included the following:

  • Since 2006, MES has maintained a zero carbon footprint through the purchase of wind energy credits from Community Energy.
  • MES has earned and maintained ISO 50001 certification since 2010.
  • In 2011, MES created our Energy Management System (EnMS) software. This system has allowed us to track and report our energy-management performance, while identifying key areas for improvement.
  • In 2014, MES installed a bike rack, which has effectively encouraged several of our employees to leave their cars at home and bike to work each day.
  • In 2015, MES replaced all overhead incandescent lightbulbs with LED and T8 lightbulbs throughout our entire facility. Light and motion sensors have been installed to minimize the use of electricity both inside and outside our headquarters building.
  • In 2016, MES installed an advanced climate control system that allows us to monitor and control our building environment, both on site and via remote control.
  • In 2017, MES installed an electric car charging station for employees with electric vehicles.
  • Since mid-2018, MES employees have been required to power-off all computers and ancillary equipment at the close of each business day.
  • As a matter of policy, MES now replaces all defunct appliances with ENERGY STAR compliant equipment.

We here at MES are extremely proud of our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint. We remain attentive to new technologies and other opportunities for continued improvement.


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Our Energy Policy

Management and Engineering Services, LLC is committed to being an environmental leader in all activities within our community, as well as in providing products and services to our clients, regardless of where they may be located and the types of products and services provided. Our commitment goes beyond compliance and is based on a holistic approach to sustainable practices, use of emerging technologies wherever practical, the conservation of energy and water and other resources. and the prevention of pollution. We are fully committed to ensuring that we are fully aware of, and properly respond to applicable environmental obligations. To achieve our energy goals, we will implement and sustain an energy management system based on the international standard ISO 50001. Our Energy Policy is a critical element of our energy management system and will be used to make decisions at all levels. Our policy will be made available to all employees, consultants, service providers, and the general public. It will be addressed in employee orientations and refresher trainings. Through our energy management system and our employees and consultants, we are committed to the continual improvement of our energy management system, our sustainable practices, our energy performance, our commitment to our energy management programs, and an awareness of all energy regulatory obligations. This policy replaces all prior energy policies as of the date of approval. We will review this policy at least annually and more often as may be necessary to ensure it is current and accurate.